Ihub reads question: Could you be friends with the protagonist of your novel?

Yes, I believe I could be a friend of the protagonist in the novel I’m

This character’s name is Tom Ward and he is a seventh son of a seventh son,
which gives him a natural talent at both seeing and fighting creatures of the
dark. He is more or less my age and has a personality that I definitely
wouldn’t mind being around, as he is very similar to me, although a bit more serious. I could see myself in the story being of at least
some help to him in his battles against witches and the like.

Tom travels all over the County because of his profession, and if I
lived there I would be sure to meet him at one point or another, and at many
points in his travels Tom ward requires a place to stay because he is out
travelling, so if he were to request lodging, I would agree and he would know I
wasn’t another spook fearing person, therefore trusting me to a certain degree
and likely seeking my help if I was able bodied or had some other skill that he
required in his battles against the dark.

Finally, Another factor which I think would aid me in being the friend of Tom Wardis that people in his profession are viewed as men not to be around for too long, only calling on them when you needed them and sending them on their way. I myself wouldn’t view the spook’s with such disdain and Tom and his mentor are often slow yet sure to trust people who are intelligent enough to understand their profession.They often seek the help of those they trust, because no single trade can handle everything, and they often require the help of strong stonemasons and blacksmiths to help them in artificially binding the witches in pits with iron bars at the top, with the walls coating in iron shavings and salt to stop the witches from digging their way out.
I could certainly be useful to Tom and his mentor, as well as being near his
age and being of a personality that might appeal to him, so if we were to meet,
then I think that Tom Ward might be inclined to forge a friendship with me.